hyacinth girl (dramatae) wrote,
hyacinth girl

Happy Earth Day, everybody!

Some suggestions: Get outside into this beautiful sunshine. Make a pledge to start recycling more. Plant a tree. Use organic, biodegradable products everywhere you can (I know it's difficult and more expensive). Breathe deeply, smell the air and the flowers. Go for a picnic today, try to eat local organic produce from now on. Go for a swim in the ocean (personally, I'm thinking of ditching London and heading to Brighton for the weekend. I've spent almost the entirety of the last week in parks, but I want the seaside, and I want it now.) Don't litter anymore. Walk, bike, take public transit. Whatever you do, it's great to have a day that reminds us that we all share the same earth and sky. Which I know sounds hippy-dippy, but I grew up on an island in the Pacific Northwest.

I used to be a fall-and-winter-only girl, but in the past few years I've slowly grown into loving all of the seasons for themselves. And even though there'll always be a place in my heart for autumn, I do really love summer now. It feels like we've skipped right over spring and into summer here in the UK, and I have to admit: the living is easy. It's been so beautiful in London, especially (and Paris, while I was there earlier this month - it was warm enough for us to picnic on the banks of the Seine in skirts and t-shirts at midnight. When I say 'picnic' I mostly mean drink cheap wine with locals, and listen to them play guitar & accordion, and wave at people on boats, and flirt, and get swept up into a waltz. Paris will forever be one of my favourite cities.) that all I want to do right now is be outside, all the time.

Have some good-weather songs I'm obsessed with right now:

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